Vamana Therapy

If you are prescribed Vamana therapy by your doctor, it means that they are planning to induce a controlled vomiting in you. Controlled vomiting means – it is planned, it is induced and vomiting is expected to run for a definite amount of time and then it is planned to stop.

Purpose of Vamana treatment:
Vamana treatment is targeted to expel increased Kapha Dosha out of the body. When Kapha dosha gets increased, it causes certain types of diseases – such as cold, cough etc. If the extent of Kapha increase is less, then some oral medicines can be given to suppress it. But if it has increased to a large extent and if it has moved from its natural place to other places, then it needs to be expelled out of the body. By expelling it out, the disease gets cured, often completely. Since Kapha is situated in the chest region, expelling it from the oral route is very easy. Hence, Vamana treatment is designed. To expel it out, first the Kapha Dosha needs to be forcefully brought from the extremities and different organs into the stomach, and then vomiting is induced.
Advantages of Vaman therapy:
  1. Vitiated and aggressive Kapha dosha is expelled out of the body, leading to cure of disease.
  2. The digestion and metabolism power gets enhanced,
  3. Normal health is restored;
  4. The sense organs, mind, intelligence, and complexion become clear and gain strength;
  5. The person gains strength, nourishment and immunity,
  6. It improves the chances of fertility, virility and sexual power.
  7. It helps to slow down aging process.
  8. One can live healthily for long time.
Indications for Vaman Panchakarma treatment –
Vomiting therapy should be administered in two Kapha conditions –
When Kapha Dosha is increased aggressively causing a disease.
Kapha is associated with Pitta dosha and they together cause disease, but Kapha (aka Shleshma) is the dominant Dosha.