Sciatica Disease

Common causes for sciatica-
  • Intake of Vata aggravating eatables like- adhaki (pigeon pea), chanaka (Bengal gram), kalaya (peanut), masura (red lentil), nishpava (flat bean), uddalaka etc
  • Excess intake of dry, light and cold food
  • Excess intake of pungent, bitter and astringent food
  • Heavy weight lifting, long walk, improper lie or sitting positions
  • Suppression of urine, feces etc
  • Improper practice of enema, purgation etc
  • Fall or injury etc.
Line of treatment:
  • As it is one among Vata disorders, all vata pacifying measures should be undertaken.
  • Snehana (oleation)- application, sprinking or pouring of oil over the affected area may be carried out.
  • Swedana (sudation)- tub bath, pizichil, sudation with oil added medicated herbal pastes (patrapinda sweda), application of poultice (upanaha sweda) etc. are beneficial.
  • Mridu samshodhana– mild purgation (Mridu Virechana) is preferred.
  • Basti (medicated enema)
  • Shiravyadha/ Rakta-mokshana (venesection or blood letting) – It is advised to perform 4 angula (3inch) above or below the knee joint.
  • Agni karma (cautery)- is carried in the severe painful area or near the little toe of the leg, using a metallic rod.

Before Sciatica Disease After Sciatica Disease